This grain salad was exactly what was needed after a steamy couple of weeks in the Midwest. It’s hearty enough to be filling but tastes light and cool on a hot day. Grain salads tend to make great dishes for advance preparation; they can typically be served cold, warm, or room temperature, they last several days in the fridge, and they only get tastier as they sit and their flavors meld together. So many thumbs up.  This dish will be even better if you can find a really good feta. I stumbled across the most delicious Greek feta when I was testing this recipe, and I think you should find some for yourself. International food stores are gold… View Post

If you’re tired of those old potluck recipes, this recipe is for you. It’s not your mother’s potato salad, but it’s flavorful, tangy, and super delicious.  Is anyone else a HUGE fan of sea salt and vinegar flavored potato chips? That tangy-salty bite gets me every time, and so does this potato salad. It’s basically sea salt and vinegar potatoes beefed up with cruciferous vegetables and dill. Yum, right?  If you try making this recipe at home, be sure to share on Instagram using #strongrootsnutrition so I can check it out! //Taylor

When you think of winter vegetables, what comes to mind? Potatoes, squash, carrots… more potatoes? That certainly doesn’t sound as inspiring as the vast array of fruits and veggies available in the summer. But believe it or not, there’s more out there! My goal in creating this recipe was to capitalize on the range of produce that thrive in cooler temperatures, and the result was more beautiful and colorful than I planned. This recipe is a light and refreshing twist on classic slaw recipes, and it makes a great side to a thick and hearty winter soup.  That color is giving me all the heart eyes over here.  What are your favorite winter vegetables? If you… View Post

When trying to reach nutritional goals, whether they be weight loss, weight gain, improved athletic performance, or general wellness, it’s usually helpful to have a plan. A mental note of meal and snack plans, along with food in the fridge to make them happen, helps with follow-through and takes the guesswork out of the moment.  For convenience and follow-through, “meal prepping” food in advance is a huge help. When you have an arsenal of recipes that hold well for several days, such as this salad, you can prepare food on the weekends to eat throughout the week, saving you time, effort, and money later.  Kale’s tough leaves can handle being covered in dressing for several days, making… View Post

Roasting is a great way to take vegetables from meh to amazing. In roasting, the sugars in the food caramelize and interact with one another to create a brown crust, which is loaded with extra flavor. This brown flavor is usually characterized as nutty, sweet, and toasty – doesn’t that sound wonderful this time of year? This roasted squash salad combines tender delicata squash and brussels sprouts with salty feta and sweet, balsamic-soaked cranberries to create a wonderful fall-inspired side dish.  Most squash varieties like butternut and acorn have a thick skin that’s not very tasty and is usually removed prior to eating. Delicata squash, on the other hand, has a very thin skin that’s totally… View Post