“Balance” seems to be the thing that everyone is looking for and few can find. We talk about balance in many facets of life – work, home, family, projects, food, exercise, etc. – and liken finding it to finding the end of a rainbow. “Balance” is difficult to conceptualize because it’s not defined and it looks different for everyone. Many people think about food in a very dichotomous, black-or-white sort of way: “Potato chips are so bad;” “I’m being good and getting a salad;” “I was bad last night and ate two brownies.” This kind of talk – talk that assigns moral value to food or the eater – indicates to me that a… View Post

Welcome to the ROOTS series: a source for education on all things nutrition and wellness. We’ll dig though the fad diets, buzzwords, and confusion to get to the roots of healthy living, which will help you make educated, confident decisions about your food and lifestyle. I am a self-declared nutrition nerd, and I love understanding the ins and outs of how the body works, so be prepared to get a little science-y. This will be an expanding section of information, so check back periodically for new topics. Let’s dig in! Nutrition 101 We’ll start with the basics. There are two categories of nutrients in our food supply: macronutrients and micronutrients. If you’ve remembered your Latin… View Post