Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food to me. Boil them, mash them, roast them, bake them, make pancakes or pasta out of them… the answer will always be yes. It’s fortunate, then, that potatoes provide valuable nutrition as well as valuable flavor. A medium potato has more potassium than a banana, 8% of your daily fiber needs, 45% of your daily vitamin C, and 6% of your daily iron. I’m convinced that there’s no wrong way to cook a potato, but this way is one of my favorites for a quick weeknight side. These have been spiced with smoky paprika and roasted until they’re crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Potato perfection. … View Post

During the week, we’re all about quick meals that require little prep but taste delicious, and this is certainly a dish that fits the bill.  If you’ve ever wondered how restaurants are able to achieve that saucy, glossy, sauce-clinging-to-noodles effect that makes the dish so good, this is one way to to do it. When the pasta is several minutes away from al dente, it gets moved to the sauce with a ladle full of pasta water. As you finish cooking the noodles in the sauce, you toss, toss, toss, adding more starchy pasta water as needed to provide enough of a bath for the noodles to cook in. Finely shredded cheese is slowly added… View Post

When counseling clients, a consistent theme that comes up is convenience. It’s challenging to juggle everything life throws at us, and we often don’t have a surplus of energy to use for planning meals and snacks. The average person could skip a meal or snack and go hungry for a few hours and life will go on (although your productivity and mood might suffer!), but for my clients recovering from eating disorders, adequate and consistent nourishment is totally, 100% vital. Skipping a meal or snack can be the catalyst for a relapse if this behavior isn’t caught and corrected right away. But those recovering from eating disorders have responsibilities and hectic schedules, too, so planning ahead and… View Post

Merry Christmas, everyone! I truly hope your holiday season has been filled with people you love, tasty food, warmth, fun, and laughter.  This is not a holiday recipe. It’s also not a post-holiday detox recipe (don’t even get me started on those). It’s December and I’m going to share a smoothie recipe with you. Two, actually. I’m typically not a smoothies-in-winter gal, but this was too tasty and unique not to share. Plus, they’re made with sweet potatoes, a fall/winter crop. Yes, sweet potato in smoothies. Interested? The first time I saw sweet potato used in smoothies was in fellow dietitian McKel Hill’s beautiful new cookbook, Nutrition Stripped. Her Sweet Potato Julius piqued my interest, and I had to… View Post

When trying to reach nutritional goals, whether they be weight loss, weight gain, improved athletic performance, or general wellness, it’s usually helpful to have a plan. A mental note of meal and snack plans, along with food in the fridge to make them happen, helps with follow-through and takes the guesswork out of the moment.  For convenience and follow-through, “meal prepping” food in advance is a huge help. When you have an arsenal of recipes that hold well for several days, such as this salad, you can prepare food on the weekends to eat throughout the week, saving you time, effort, and money later.  Kale’s tough leaves can handle being covered in dressing for several days, making… View Post