There’s something about a sweet, frozen coffee drink on a hot day, and since the 10-day forecast in St. Louis is predicting highs in the upper 90s, I’m bracing with extra icy beverages.   As tasty as caramel is, there’s no true caramel in this recipe. This delicious frozen coffee drink is sweetened with deglet noor dates, which impart a rich, caramel-y flavor. When making this recipe, I prefer to initially blend all the ingredients except the ice to ensure that the dates get completely blended into the liquid, then blend in the ice at the end. If you have a high-speed blender like a Vitamix, feel free to throw everything in together and blend… View Post

It’s been pretty perfect patio weather here in the midwest, and I’ve got a drink that can bring a little extra sunshine to your backyard gathering. This Watermelon Lemonade is simple to make, it’s filled with vitamin C from both the watermelon and lemon, and its color is gorgeous.  If you’re feeling fancy, top it off with sparkling water (or champagne if your backyard gathering includes mimosas) and extra lemon garnishes.  If you make this recipe at home, share with me on Instagram and use #strongrootsnutrition so I can see! //Taylor SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

Coffee: a favorite morning drink. Most people choose a hot cup of Joe to start their day, but it’s fun to mix things up with something chilled, especially in the summer months. At a lot of coffee shops, iced coffee is made by pouring hot coffee over ice cubes. This typically results in a bitter, diluted drink. Cold brew, on the other hand, is made by soaking coffee grounds in room-tempurature water overnight, slowly infusing coffee goodness. The result is smooth and delicious with no bitterness. Totally the way to go. This method does take some advanced planning, but spend 5 minutes on it today, and tomorrow morning you can be enjoying your own delicious iced coffee. My… View Post

Spring has come early this year, and you’ll hear no complaints from me about it. These sunny-and-65 days are perfect for sipping lemonade, and I’ve got an A+ recipe for you. This from-scratch lemonade is infused with rosemary and lavender, and it’s such a winner. It’s sweet and sour, floral-y and grounding. You can tweak to your liking, using flat or sparking water, a bit more sugar or a bit more lemon, more herbs or less.  The most time-consuming step in this recipe is the squeezing of lemon juice from roughly 8 lemons. I’m sure the bottled stuff would be fine, but fresh-squeezed certainly tastes superior. It’s worth the extra bit of time. What’s your… View Post

Merry Christmas, everyone! I truly hope your holiday season has been filled with people you love, tasty food, warmth, fun, and laughter.  This is not a holiday recipe. It’s also not a post-holiday detox recipe (don’t even get me started on those). It’s December and I’m going to share a smoothie recipe with you. Two, actually. I’m typically not a smoothies-in-winter gal, but this was too tasty and unique not to share. Plus, they’re made with sweet potatoes, a fall/winter crop. Yes, sweet potato in smoothies. Interested? The first time I saw sweet potato used in smoothies was in fellow dietitian McKel Hill’s beautiful new cookbook, Nutrition Stripped. Her Sweet Potato Julius piqued my interest, and I had to… View Post