I think I had my first fresh apricot in Italy, about 6 years ago. I bought a few at the Mercato Centrale in Florence, and I remember them being sweet, juicy, and delicious. Then again, I’m pretty certain that everything in Italy is delicious. The season for fresh apricots is short; they’re an early-summer treat that only come around once per year, and they’re totally worth celebrating. Right now, you can probably find them at your local grocery store nestled in with the season’s other stone fruits: peaches, plums, and nectarines.  Apricots ripen from the inside out, so you want to choose ones that are slightly firm to the touch. Fortunately, when it comes to… View Post

Happy Monday, everyone! Another weekend went by way too fast, but I hope you were able to enjoy it. Yesterday’s temperatures had me parked on my backyard patio for most of the afternoon, reading, snacking, and enjoying the sunshine. Such a welcomed day considering all the rain we’ve had these past few weeks. You’d better believe that one of these dreamy peach-rhubarb creamsicles was had, and I think they made the day even brighter.  If you make this recipe at home, share on Instagram and use #strongrootsnutrition so I can check it out! //Taylor

Snow in March? No. Go away.  Dates that have been transformed into delicious salted caramel? Sign me up.  This recipe is one I’ve been dreaming up for a little while, and it’s such a winner. A crunchy nut base is topped with dreamy, creamy “caramel,” and a sprinkle of salt on top takes it over the edge. It’s not exactly caramel, of course, but it’s certainly simpler to make. True caramel made from sugar and heavy cream isn’t terribly difficult to craft at home, but it does involve violently boiling the ingredients on the stove and perhaps using a candy thermometer to achieve the desired consistency. This tasty date version simply has you tossing a few ingredients… View Post

Have you ever made pudding from scratch? Classic pudding recipes look a lot like custards, involving heating ingredients on the stove, pouring hot milk into egg yolks while trying not to scramble them, then putting everything back on the stove and stirring until it thickens. While those recipes are delicious and tempering egg yolks really isn’t that hard, this recipe is way easier. Step one: whisk everything together in a bowl. Step two: Put in the fridge for a few hours. Done. I knew you’d like that.  Chia seeds – an ancient Central American crop – have made a real comeback in recent years. They boast an impressive nutrition profile: 2 Tablespoons (amount per serving in… View Post

I sat for a long while trying to find the words I wanted to share with you this Thanksgiving week. This holiday, at its core, is one I love: it involves surrounding ourselves with people we care about, sharing a delicious meal, and remembering the things we’re thankful for. What a beautiful concept! For my clients who struggle with eating and body image, however, Thanksgiving can be stressful, guilt-filled, and followed by compensatory, self-punishing behaviors like restriction or over-exercise. Many people without eating disorders think in this same fashion, assisted by our internet feeds that promote ideas for “guilt-free holiday dishes” and “working off that indulgent meal.” And why? Why do we think our bodies are… View Post