Hi there! I’m Taylor Larson, RD, CSSD, LD, owner of Strong Roots Nutrition, LLC.

I’m a St. Louis-based registered dietitian, personal trainer, and avid home chef. Food is my passion, and I love helping people feel their best and nourish themselves well with meals that taste great. I was taught from a young age that nutrition is an important component of health, but I didn’t really fall in love with nutritional science until I got to college. I started my freshman year as a journalism major and needed to take a science class to meet general education requirements. I chose biology because I thought it would be easiest (I hated science!). When my college biology professor taught a segment on nutrition and debunked a few popular diets with solid scientific information, I was fascinated by the science and I knew I had found my career. I officially changed my major within the month and never looked back. 


What I do:

I currently work at an eating disorders treatment facility in St. Louis. As an eating disorders dietitian, I enjoy helping people cut through the fads and misinformation in our crazy, food-focused world and return to the roots of proper nourishment. I believe in removing labels like “good” and “bad” from food and instead neutralizing all foods in effort to help people eat without guilt, fear, or self-judgement. The recipes you see here are a very small snippet of foods I enjoy: while I love developing plant-based recipes and eating foods from the earth, I also love frozen pizzas, Chinese takeout, and macaroni and cheese. I believe that all foods have their place in a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle, and no food should be considered “off-limits” unless it’s an allergy. I want to help you find balance and enjoyment in eating so you can feel your best, both physically and emotionally!

While eating disorders are my specialty these days, and I believe that many people can benefit from improving their relationship with and attitude toward food, my experience is not isolated to this population. I have previously worked or interned in athletic clubs, Division I sports training facilities, hospitals, a diabetes and weight loss surgery clinic, and more. My other interest areas are sports nutrition, heart disease, weight management, recipe development, and general wellness.


My coaching style:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutritional health. When I meet a new client, I want to get to know their likes and dislikes, schedule, budget, and current eating patterns so I can help them make simple changes to these existing habits that better align with the goals they want to achieve. We know that diets and generic “meal plans” don’t work because they don’t create habits that stick, so instead of handing my clients a list of foods to eat or not eat, I want to come alongside them and help them create healthier habits that become a healthier lifestyle.


What to expect from a session:

When we meet for the first time, I’ll want to get to know you, first and foremost. We’ll examine your current habits and goals together and create a plan to start moving in the right direction. Follow-up sessions are more loosely structured: we will touch base about how your goals are going and make new and improved plans as needed. I like to let the client direct the topic of the session – the goal is for our time together to be beneficial for you, and nobody knows your needs better than you!

If our sessions are focused on your eating disorder or disordered eating patterns, we will establish a meal plan together and identify the behaviors to focus on. Every eating disorder is different, and I want to understand the behaviors you struggle with and help you make recovery-focused decisions for your health and future. You can expect that we will discuss the following topics at some point: eating patterns, triggers/stressors, food rules and rituals, healthy coping skills, body image, weight, fear foods, food challenges, emotions around eating, listening to hunger/fullness cues, and more.



I received a Bachelor of Science in Medical Dietetics from the University of Missouri and completed my dietetic internship in Mizzou’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics. In 2015, I earned a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) specialty certification, which involves accumulating 1,500 hours of specialty practice experience and passing a national exam.

I hold a personal trainer certification through the American Council on Exercise and have practiced training in various capacities since 2010.



Up until May 2012, I shot with a little Canon Powershot SD750, but now I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with either a 18-55mm or 50mm f1.8 lens.